Welcome to the Hall International Media Center!

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Media Center Vision

A School Library Media Center contributes to a culture of learning and a spirit of curiosity among students. A student centered school library is a place of discourse, of sharing ideas and information that builds school-wide synergy. A feeling of belonging happens in community spaces such as the library where students practice and shape their identity as learners, readers, researchers, collaborators, and active contributors to their school community.

In the Media Center

Media Specialist, Ms. Parker is happy to help students learn information literacy by recommending books to read, teaching how to research a favorite subject or use online tools and resources. 

The Media Center at Hall is home to over 10,000 books, with a growing collection of e-books. There are two Mac computer labs and mobile devices including iPads, and chromebook laptops.

Media Classes

The MPS media curricula focus is on supporting all students as life long readers, library users, researchers and digital citizens by providing learning experiences that develop 21st-century technology skills. Classes have media on a three day rotation cycle. Day A: Phillips, Wyatt, De Goey; Day B: Carlson, Wilson, Ang, Cushman; Day C: Holder, Young, Resner, Hohlen. PreK classes come to media on a two day cycle.

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