General Dress Policies

  1. We believe that a clean-cut and professional image reduces distractions and promotes learning. Therefore, school uniforms are expected to fit the student appropriately, be cleaned on a regular basis, and cannot deviate from the style and color choices. Students are expected to present themselves in a neat, clean, and professional manner at all times.
  2. We understand that many of our bodies are changing between Pre-K and 5th grade. Although shirts are not required to be tucked in and belts are optional, we recommend that students choose to do so whenever feasible.
  3. We believe that school uniforms promote a sense of pride in our school and solidarity between students. And while the school may designate non-uniform days, such decisions will be made by the principal. Dress requirements for these days will be sent to parents in advance.

NOTE: Items that meet the school dress code items are available at local retailers such as Target, Kmart, Kohl’s, Sears, Wal-Mart, and JCPenney’s. Please refer to the school uniform shopping guide (pdf) when shopping for all uniform clothing items.