Elizabeth Hall is looking for people like you!

Your care and commitment is important to the future of our students' lives. Please think about sharing your gift of time in a subject area that you enjoy, whether it's in art, reading, math, music or science. Your skills are welcomed and will be sincerely appreciated. You might even discover things about yourself that you never knew before!

Volunteer Opportunities Available at Elizabeth Hall:

  • Box Top Organizer/Coordinator
  • After School Program Teacher
  • Field Day
  • Someone who speaks Hmong
  • Mentor
  • Family Community Meeting Assistant (one evening per month)
  • General Work Clerks (hanging student work displays, correcting student work, cutting out and organizing materials.)   
  • IBO Clerical Assistant (Volunteer would organize our unit of inquiry tubs and make inventory list on a computer; this position occurs during school hour a few times per week, 2-3 hours a day until project is completed.)

Please contact Ms. Stewart to begin the volunteer process.  There is a required training via MPS for all volunteers.  Please click here for detailed information.