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Arrival and Dismissal Information


Student Arrival Requirements

Face coverings are required at all times by students as they arrive at school and while at school, unless medical documentation is provided; 3 feet should be maintained between children as much as possible. 

Car Drop-Off

Adults dropping students off are expected to stay in their vehicles and use the identified drop-off/pick-up spot or visitor parking. Cars cannot stop or park in front of the school building as that is the bus drop-off zone. The drop-off zone for adults dropping students off at school is on the corner of Aldrich and 16th Avenues on 16th Avenue.

Bus Arrival

Hall Elementary School will follow established MPS Transportation protocols and expectations. Upon bus arrival, students will be met by a school staff member and exit the bus with a face covering then walk to Door #1. Students should remain socially distanced from each other (3 feet) as students enter the school. Hall staff will be located around the facility at designated duty stations.

Pre-K Arrival

Hall Elementary School is a PK-5 school. ECSE students will use Door #2 for an entrance door. PK students will use Door #15 for arrival that is separate from the entrance used by K-5 students.

Late Arrival

Students will enter through the OFFICE ENTRY, notifying office staff they have arrived with the doorbell. Face coverings are required unless medical documentation is provided. The student will be checked-in at the office before walking to their classroom. Families should call the school to notify the student that they will be arriving late. 


Student Dismissal Requirements

Unless medical documentation is provided, students must wear face coverings at all times as they depart from school until they are off school property. Face coverings must also be worn while on a district bus or other transportation vehicle; 3 feet should be maintained between children as much as possible. 

Car Pick-Up

Hall Elementary School will continue to have staff monitoring students at designated duty stations; students will be picked up at the designated pick-up zone on the blacktop car lane outside of Door #10. Kindergarten students will exit the building several minutes before other grade levels at 1:55 PM to allow additional time to connect parents with students. Teachers will stagger student release based on hallway capacity to maintain 6 feet of social distancing between classroom groups and duty station assignments. Drivers will need to stay in their vehicle as students walk to their vehicles from the line-up station.

Parent Walk-Up

Schools will identify a waiting area outside of the building for parents/guardians if they are on foot to pick up their student. This area will be outside of Door #10 on the blacktop where Hall staff will meet them to connect their child with them outside of the building. MPS Health and Safety Protocols will be required of parents/guardians such as wearing a face covering and maintaining a social distance of 6 feet while waiting in the designated area. Parent/guardians are not to walk up to or wait at the student entry/exit doors. Parents and visitors will not be permitted in the building.

Student Walk Home

When walking home, students are encouraged to stay away from non-family members and wear their face covering until they arrive home.

Bus Loading

Designated staff and MPS bus drivers will ensure students exit the school and enter the bus following established MPS Health and Safety Protocols. MPS Transportation will train their staff on expectations and protocols for students boarding the bus. Kindergarten students will exit the building several minutes before other grade levels at 1:55 PM, to allow additional time for bus loading. Teachers will stagger students and release them from schools based on hallway capacity in order to maintain 6 feet of social distancing between classroom groups. Staff on duty will ensure social distancing and face covering expectations are followed as outlined in the MPS Health and Safety protocols, as well as MPS Transportation Plan protocols.

Pre-K Dismissal

Dismissal for pre-k students will be several minutes before other grade levels at 1:55 PM at the same time as Kindergarten, separated from Kindergarten dismissal using a separate school exit, Door #15.

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