Visualize it!

In the third and fourth grade classrooms, we are working with a very special program called "ST MATH." The ST stands for Spatial Temporal.  This means we're working on building our ability to IMAGINE something (whether it is an addition problem, a fraction problem or a multi-step problem) and to keep that image in our minds while we manipulate it (change it somehow).  Students work independently on iPads or computers.  Concepts are introduced NON-VERBALLY, and very gradually, the number notation is added.


Sometimes students get pretty frustrated.  They want help before they have pushed themselves.  The beauty of this individualized program is that "failing" (that's a word I don't like...making a mistake is often one of the BEST ways to help us figure out how to get where we want to be!) is part of the plan!  


At each level, students play different games and work to help Jiji the penguin get across a barrier.  When Jiji doesn't make it, it means there's some sort of problem, and the students must play the game again and figure out how to help the penguin.


Students can and SHOULD play at home or wherever they have internet access.  If your student has forgotten the code, see the link attached to this page.

PDF ST MATH at home   --  Here are the instructions so you can play at home or anywhere you have internet.