Can you have your Pi and eat it, too?
Powerful Pi

Pi Day 2014 was the best one yet!  Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th each year, because the first three digits in Pi are 3.14.  Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.  We had such fun with circles.  We rolled a hula-hoop along a line in the hallway and marked where it ended.  Then we then flipped it over on the line and…it was just a tiny bit more than three flips to reach the point we had marked!  It was fun to roll the hoop in the hall.  The younger students loved to see what the big kids were doing.


We measured many different circular objects (cans, lids of jars, etc.) and used a calculator to see how close we could come to Pi.  It

Measuring circles
didn't matter how large or small the circles were...when we divided the circumference by the came out the same!  It was such fun to see how accurately we could measure.


We played a game called “Circle Nim” and learned some strategies about blocking and using different sized circles in different ways.  Each player had a variety of sizes of circles.  Players took turns laying the circles on the mat.  The last one to fit a circle onto the board won.

We hunted on the internet for information about Pi.  You could find your birthday in Pi.  You could find interesting facts about Pi.  We learned that a man in China has memorized 67,000 digits of Pi!  

Measuring circles

We sang Pi Day carols and read Pi-ku just for fun.  Some people tried to memorize digits of Pi.  Most of us found we could memorize only around 10-15.  We found a Pi Rap on School tube and listened to it.

But our favorite activity was the station “Have your Pi and eat it, too”.  We measured the circumference and diameter of Oatmeal Cream Pies…and then we ate them!


Here are the lyrics to some of the Pi Day carols we sang:


Ludolph The Mathematician

Measuring circles

(to the tune of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer)

We know Einstein and Euclid and Sir Isaac Newton

Lifelong devotions there ain’t no disputin’


Hula-hoop with Pi
do you recall…

The most tireless one of them all?

Ludolph the Mathematician

Had a special thing for Pi

He made it his

Hula-hoop with Pi
life’s mission

To help the number specify

All of his fellow teachers

Never understood his plan

To unlock the number’s

Hula-hoop with Pi

By calculating it by hand!

Then in 1599,
Ludolph set his goal...

I’ll find digit 35

With geometry as my guide!

Circle Nim

Then how the math world loved him

All his hard work helped them see

Ludolph the Mathematician

You’ll go down in history!

Circle Nim


Pi Day Time

(to the tune of Silver Bells, starting at "City sidewalks…")

Random digits,

Circle Nim
Endless digits

Transcendental in style,

In the air there's a feeling of Pi Day.

Children laughing,


Scavenger Hunt

Worry-free for a while,

And in every math classroom you'll hear…

Three one four…

One five nine…

Scavenger Hunt

It's Pi Day Time at Hall

Three one four…
One five nine…

Savor those numbers, today!


Reading Pi-Ku

Ring The Bells

(to the tune of Jingle Bells)

Basking in the glow

Of a Math Class holiday.

Reading Pi-Ku
All we need to know

Is "Pi will lead the way!"

To circles we will sing,

The digits we'll recite


Oatmeal Cream "Pi"
ratio gives us everything

It's geometry's delight!  


Ring the bells, 

Pi Day spells


Measuring Oatmeal Cream "Pi"
with 3 - 1 - 4!

It's the day to celebrate

That number we adore!  


Ring the bells, 

Pi Day spells

Measuring tiny cookies
Fun with 3 - 1 - 4!

First we take one slice of Pi

And then we ask for more!