Medical Services

Red cross medical symbol
September 25th 1st grade hearing screenings.
October 8-12th Dental Screenings. A consciencous objection form has been sent for parents who do not want to have their child screened.
October 30th Philips EYE 8:00-12:00 will screen grades K, 1st, 3rd, and 5th. If there are students who need glasses or referrals who are not in those grades you can request information to connect directly with Philip's EYE to get the needed assistance.
Look for upcoming information about the October date for the flu clinic. The shots are not free. If students have insurance, the insurance will be billed. For students without insurance they will be able to get a flu shot where the cost is covered by a community fund. Adults can also get their shots, but it will have to be covered by their insurance. If they do not have insurance there will be a fee.