Elizabeth Hall's partnership with General Mills' Black Champion's Network


Elizabeth Hall's partnership with General Mills' Black Champion's Network, referred to as 'Generation G', involves various employees serving as mentors to our fifth grade students for their Exhibition Projects.  The central idea for this year’s exhibition is for students to examine how non-profit organizations exist to meet the needs of the community. Students seek to learn how organizations are structured and how they provide service.  Formed into ten teams examining organizations ranging from Mad Dads and Safe Families to Clean Water in Haiti to Soles for Souls,the students also consider the action they are going to take and prepare a research paper to determine the way they will present their project to the school community. 

Our fifth grade students took a field trip to General Mills' headquarters and met with their mentors.  One group, examining the Urban League, met with mentor Kim Nelson, senior vice president for external relations at General Mills and president of the General Mills Foundation. Ms. Nelson also arranged for Scott Gray, president and CEO of the Minneapolis Urban league, to visit Hall so the students could interview him.