Dogs as Problem solvers
Egg Carton Fractions
Dixie the smart dog
Organizing counting

In our math classes, we practice visualizing the problems before we begin.  Having fun and imagining silly things makes those images stick.  I have two dogs at home.  Our small, smart but MEAN dog is Dixie. We've had her since she was a puppy. 

How can I count this?
My daughter and I brought our big dog Traveler home from the Humane Society a couple of years ago.  He is the nicest dog you could ever meet, but we all agree that he is not as smart as Dixie.

I tell stories about the dogs and now we all use silly

Symmetry lessons
voices when we imagine the dogs solving the problems.  When we learned about division, we imagined Traveler and Dixie having a dog party and sharing bones with other dogs.  When we learned about arrays and multiplication, the dogs helped, too!  When
we learned about fractions, we imagined Traveler and Dixie dividing up pizzas or cakes.  They put eggs in cartons and figured out fractions.  When we learned about factors, Dixie and Traveler counted money and made rows and columns.