Here are the themes we are going to study in Hi-5:

  • Greetings (How We Organize Ourselves)
  • Numbers (How We Organize Ourselves)
  • Colors (Who We Are)  
  • Chinese Festival Celebrations
  • Emotions (How We Express Ourselves)
  • Animals (How The World Works)

Focusing on these themes, you should be able to understand (listening and speaking) when someone is telling you about these topics:

  • Greetings (say hello and goodbye)
  • Numbers (count from one through ten)
  • Action words (walk, run, jump, stop)
  • Colors (red, yellow, blue, green, white, black)  
  • Celebrations (customs for Chinese festivals and holidays)
  • Emotions (happy, sad)
  • Animals (dog, cat, pig, tiger, elephant)  
  • Songs for animal unit

Our reading skills will progress to simple Chinese characters:

  • Greetings (hello, goodbye)
  • Numbers (one through ten)  
  • Colors (red, yellow, green)