First Grade

Here are the themes we are going to study in First Grade:

  • Greetings (How We Organize Ourselves)
  • Numbers (How We Organize Ourselves)
  • Body Parts (How We Express Ourselves)
  • Five Senses (How We Express Ourselves)
  • Family (Who We Are)
  • Shapes and Types of Houses in China(How the World Rocks; Where We Are In Place and time)
  • Chinese Festivals and Holidays

Focusing on these themes, you should be able to understand (listening and speaking) when someone is telling you about these topics:

  • Greetings (say hello and goodbye)
  • Numbers (count from one through thirty-one)
  • Body Parts (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, hands)
  • Five Senses (use eyes to see, use ears to listen, use nose to smell, use tongue to taste, use hands to touch) 
  • Shapes you see in houses (circle, square, triangle, rectangle)
  • Types of Houses (big house, small house, yellow house, red house, and etc.)
  • Comparison (big, small, long, short, same, not the same, and etc.)
  • Celebrations (Festivals asnd Holidays)
  • Family (family members)
  • Songs for each unit

Our reading skills will progress to simple Chinese characters:

  • Greetings (hello, goodbye)
  • Numbers (one through ten)  
  • Body Parts (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, hands)
  • Five Senses (see, listen, smell, taste, tough)
  • Comparison (big, small, long, short, up, down, and etc.)
  • Shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangular)
  • Family (Dad, Mom, Older sister, Younger sister, Older brother, Younger brother)