Chinese Language
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In every aspect of school life students are given an appreciation of the perspectives of people from other cultures, regions and nations. An exciting and unique opportunity provided for all Elizabeth Hall students is the study of Chinese as their world language. All students participate in the Chinese program. The goal of this program is for students to acquire the foundation of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Chinese.

Students are taught a secondary language through everyday classroom conversational situations and subject content instruction, which makes language learning more meaningful. Students enter the Chinese program in our Hi-5 program through the fifth grade. We promote knowledge about Chinese culture, positive attitudes toward the Chinese language and multicultural attitudes, and knowledge towards other cultures and languages.

So why learn Chinese?

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Here are several good reasons for studying Chinese:

  1. Learning another language can open up a new world to students.
  2. Learning Chinese can help build friendships with Chinese people all over the world. 
  3. Chinese people have been part of American's community and culture for years. Viewing the world with multicultural perspectives helps us live in better harmony with one another.
  4. Learning Chinese could lead to exciting and interesting job opportunities when we grow up. China has the world's largest population and one out of every five persons in the entire world speaks Chinese. When a student completes fifth grade, he or she will have a strong foundation in a language that is considered "critical" for Americans. As China emerges as an economic world leader the need for those who understand its culture and language will increase.